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Business Digitalization

 “Digital Society” is one of the most talked about term used by leaders all over the world today. The benefits of going digital and the associated improved performance is convincing for businesses yet many still resist this change. The difficulty lies in getting the expertise to digitize and engaging separate technology providers (e.g. website creation, Point of Sales (POS), attendance tracking, queue management, rewards program and etc.) independently to fit individual business needs. This patch-work type of arrangement not only lacks interoperability but is also not cost effective.

With OIS Bizcraft, businesses can integrate multiple applications and solutions, bridging offline, online and in-app and subscribing to the services according to their needs to enhance their businesses digitally.


Payment Process Remodeling

The payment space has become increasingly fragmented with more players entering the industry. Rising adoption of cashless payments are forcing businesses to accept different payment channels, such as cards, mobile payments and wallets through multiple devices.

Our strategic partnerships with various industry players allow us to leverage our respective expertise, enabling unified cashless acceptance for in-store payments, online transactions and mobile payments, complement with integrated reconciliation reports for enhanced operational management.

With the vision to be one of the leading providers for omni-channel payment technologies and preferred partner for our customers’ business solutions, we aim to be an evolution changing the payment landscape and moving towards an integrated seamless customer experience.


Online Payment

As the E-commerce industry is growing rapidly, the buying behaviour of consumers makes it essential for businesses to go online to access more customers and increase their visibility in the market. Consumers’ expectations of streamlined payment experience have also become more demanding.

OIS Bizcraft offers the following:

  • Instant website enablement allows businesses to focus on their core competencies, leaving the cumbersome and expensive website development and payment integration to us all at a minimal cost.

  • Without an online store? Our payHere solution allows businesses to collect payment via a secure payment link, offering a variety pf payment options to the customers.


This brings convenience for both consumers and businesses by having a seamless online payment channel to complement such purchase habit transformation.

In-Store Payment

Our state-of-the-art and multi-functional device offers valuable operational efficiencies with the capabilities to integrate with the latest technologies remotely when the businesses grows or as the industry evolves.

Using the principle of familiarity in our UX/UI design, similar to that of mobile phones, the use of intuitive and user-friendly android interface devices allows user to reduce their learning curve. Other benefits include portability, omni-channel payment acceptance (contactless, chip, QR scan) and minimal counter space, allowing neater or more countertop space for merchandises.

In Store
In App

In-App Payment

In today’s M-commerce driven era, tech-savvy consumers prefer mobile app-driven payment for most types of transactions. Spending most of their time on their mobile phone, businesses should be taking advantage of the high penetration of smart phones to amplify their digital presence, increase consumers engagement and generate new source of revenue.

Mobile applications developed today lacks the payment capabilities to monetise their application effectively. Capitalising in-app purchases for their otherwise free mobile application or in-app billing for businesses that offers services. Application to application integration and enhanced security through tokenisation while leveraging on in-phone access authentication, such as the use of biometrics enables consumers to experience in-app purchase with a peace of mind.

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