Despite the cashless push by the government and the growing use of e-payments, many are still hesitant due to the expensive adoption costs.


With our in-depth knowledge and comprehensive experience, the SAVERS program is created to enable cost effective cashless payment acceptance, alleviating business costs.


This is possible by bridging the benefits from various technology & financial services to help business on board the cashless wave at a lower cost.



Our one stop business management portal offers real time transaction monitoring, digital receipt storage, integration with value added solutions and a unified view of transactions for different payment acceptance. While our portal is easily accessible via the web and mobile devices on the go, information is protected and controlled with tier access, ensuring data security without compromising convenience.  

Consolidated summary reports provide valuable insights to company performance by allowing analysis on customer purchasing behavior to be done promptly, saving time and administrative resources.



Businesses can subscribe to multiple applications in our integrated device and customise the various device options such as digital or hardcopy receipts, tipping and more, catering to different needs. The use of dynamic QR gives businesses more control over the payment amount and consumers just have to accept the payment, reducing the need for further verification after payment is made and offers a seamless payment experience for both businesses and consumers.

Our devices are completely secured, and PCI-PED certified for protection against intrusion, assuring ease of mind when transacting. Tapping on the speedy 4G network, payment can be accepted anywhere and anytime.


With digitisation, businesses can improve operation efficiency and generate new value-creation opportunities.


Applications integrated with our existing devices and portal, are customisable according to their business needs, helping to build their brand, deliver differentiated service, deepen customer engagement, achieve customer retention and establish customer loyalty.


The use of proprietary application marketplace offers centralized management and secure environment.



The beauty of having an online presence is its around the clock availability and exposure to the global market. OIS Bizcraft creates off the shelf website and digital shopping cart with integrated payment gateway to move offline businesses to online instantly which in turn generates additional revenue stream and achieve financial savings.

Going online improves company image, generates leads and inquiries while you are not operating and brings online business to offline retail. Consumers can research about your products and services using online tools anytime and anywhere, boosting customers engagement before visiting a retail location to make their final transaction.